Bachelors Party

Tamil 1 Season | 14 Episodes

Thriller Season 1 2002

Bachelora Party revoles around Akash, Murli, Shiva and Venu are four best friends; who all work as computer Engineers teaching at a local computer center. They forge friendship with their student Vasumathi, a brave girl who is very modern in her thoughts. But things take a unfortunate turn when they all go for a picnic at Mahabalipuram. Forced to stay the night there, Vasumathi wakes up in the morning to find out that she has been raped. With fingers pointing at the four friends, refusing to have done the crime, Who is the real culprit? What actually happened on that fateful night?
  • Season 1
Episode-01 05 Dec|Episode-01
Episode-02 05 Dec|Episode-02
Episode-03 05 Dec|Episode-03
Episode-04 05 Dec|Episode-04
Episode-05 05 Dec|Episode-05
Episode-06 05 Dec|Episode-06
Episode-07 05 Dec|Episode-07
Episode-08 05 Dec|Episode-08
Episode-09 05 Dec|Episode-09
Episode-10 05 Dec|Episode-10
Episode-11 05 Dec|Episode-11
Episode-12 05 Dec|Episode-12
Episode-13 05 Dec|Episode-13
Episode-14 05 Dec|Episode-14