Telugu 1 Season | 9 Episodes

Comedy Season 1 2017

A certain amount of bad luck is inevitable in everybody’s life but what if, there is only bad luck in a person’s entire life. And what if such a person falls in love with a beautiful woman.
  • Season 1
Birth of bad luck 19 Apr|Birth of bad luck
Luck Maarinda? 19 Apr|Luck Maarinda?
RUVI - The astrologer 20 Apr|RUVI - The astrologer
Jagadguru Jathakananda 21 Apr|Jagadguru Jathakananda
The cover up 22 Apr|The cover up
Endukila - The Date 17 May|Endukila - The Date
Panchangam Prasad 02 Jun|Panchangam Prasad
Dari Vs Luv Kumar 16 Jun|Dari Vs Luv Kumar
Return Of Luck 22 Jun|Return Of Luck