Jannal Ammavukku Rendula Raagu

Tamil 1 Season | 21 Episodes

Drama Season 1 2002

Ammavukku Rendula Ragu is a Tamil comedy Tv serial directed by K. Balachander and has Sukanya in the lead role. The story revolves around an overbearing mother who makes sure that no one comes between her and her son Madan. But what happens when Madan falls in love with his co-worker, Sangeetha? How will Madans mother deal with the lady in her sons life? Watch this hilarious show that is a hearty laughter for all ages and provides wholesome entertainment for the entire family.
  • Season 1
Episode-01 06 Dec|Episode-01
Episode-02 06 Dec|Episode-02
Episode-03 06 Dec|Episode-03
Episode-04 06 Dec|Episode-04
Episode-05 06 Dec|Episode-05
Episode-06 06 Dec|Episode-06
Episode-07 06 Dec|Episode-07
Episode-08 06 Dec|Episode-08
Episode-09 06 Dec|Episode-09
Episode-10 06 Dec|Episode-10
Episode-11 06 Dec|Episode-11
Episode-12 06 Dec|Episode-12
Episode-13 06 Dec|Episode-13
Episode-14 06 Dec|Episode-14
Episode-15 06 Dec|Episode-15
Episode-16 06 Dec|Episode-16
Episode-17 06 Dec|Episode-17
Episode-18 06 Dec|Episode-18
Episode-19 06 Dec|Episode-19
Episode-20 06 Dec|Episode-20
Episode-21 06 Dec|Episode-21